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Happy Spring!🌷 It’s been awhile… like almost a year 😭😂!  I have 5 blog posts that I have ambitiously started over the last few months that I never got to finish… because as usual we have A LOT going on. Between traveling, guests, starting my own small business, and just general life with a toddler, I can never seem to get my posts finished!

We thought we had found the perfect part time nanny, but sadly it fell through. We are still on the hunt and have recently started interviewing through care.com. Our hope is that by late Spring I will be able to take on legal projects, sort of in a freelance fashion, and have time to jump into my real passion which is the small business we have started! More on that in my next post, it is one of the ones I have started and can’t seem to finish…

I have been prepping for Easter for the last few weeks, since I am “hosting” this year. My parents and my brother will be in town for a long weekend, and we get to spend Easter together! I finally got the last few pieces of Lenny’s Easter basket together today, and so I thought I would share the noteworthy gifts that I was able to find for him this year.

Last Easter was the first holiday that Lenny kind of understood. He was just about 8.5 months old and was at a really fun stage, yet still very much a baby since he couldn’t crawl yet. He LOVED opening his Easter basket and we had a really special morning playing with his new things and reading his new books.

Last year I carefully researched age appropriate toys for Lenny, but it was a lot easier then, since he wasn’t talking yet and hadn’t formed the preferences that he has now. Last year I filled Lenny’s basket with sensory stimulating toys, his first pair of sunglasses, teethers, bubbles, sunscreen, a new sippy cup, and Easter/ Spring themed books, a Cookie Monster play lunch box, blocks, and popsicle molds.

Some of the hits with Lenny last year were his pack of sensory balls, popsicle molds, popper ball car (😂 don’t know how else to describe it..), and bubbles! The sunglasses were definitely a miss, since he’s never worn them again to this day! lol! Lenny’s basket and embroidered liner are from PB Kids. I justified this purchase by vowing to use this basket every year 😀. It survived the move just fine, and I have it out and ready to be packed to the brim this year.

You can shop Lenny’s basket gifts from last year right here! Just click the picture. 💛

As I mentioned before, Len was almost 9 months old last Easter, but these gifts would be great for any baby who is 14 months and below.

I love Infantino. I got the blocks plus sensory balls for Lenny, but now they come in a set. These are BPA free which is essential because at this age, Len would put EVERYTHING in his mouth. The blocks are really great for stacking, and all of the nooks, crannies, and spikes on the balls let baby experience different textures to touch but also to feel in their little mouths. This is helpful for teething aches but also down the line when they start to eat new textures.

A few good Easter reads…

Popsicle Molds! Whether it feels like it or not,(it surely doesn’t here in Boston) summer is coming. I used the heck out of the popsicle molds that I got Lenny last Easter. I couldn’t find the exact ones, but they are made of food grade silicone and are BPA free. This alternative is even cuter, and more Easter themed. These are great for taking your baby’s favorite puree and adding a bit of juice or yogurt to make custom little baby popsicles. Lenny lived for these while teething, and each little pop kept him content for atleast 20 minutes.

Cookie Monster Play Lunch Box
This was great for teaching Lenny “out” and “in”. Also “carrot” and “milk” and of course “cookie”! The milk cartoon moo’s and it was a great way to get a belly laugh out of Lenny when he was a bit younger. Now when he gets a hold of the milk (which I keep in his little fridge) Lenny can squeeze it to make it Moooo by himself, and looks are me with such a pleased look on his face!

Sippy Cup
I got a Tommee Tippee cup to try last Easter, but through lots of trial and error the sippy cup that ended up working best for us were of the Nuk line. We still use a few to this day, but Lenny prefers using a straw mostly now. The Nuk spout sippy cups are great for transitioning from the nipple, and were a breeze to then switch to the straw sippy cups.

Pop n Push Car
This little car is so cute and with just the right amount of effort helped Lenny to learn cause and effect. When you pull the car backwards it winds up and goes forward, causing the balls to pop. This was the first car Lenny would play with and he still digs it out occasionally to send down our hallway.

Gathering pictures for this post made me emotional! I miss our New York apartment so much. I also miss Lenny being a baby baby, but I will say, this age is so much fun! Lenny is such a goofball these days, and develops overnight. Each day he does something new. He imitates EVERYTHING and will come out of nowhere with a new word. He dances and has his own little preferences, it’s all so amazing.

I had a ton of fun being Lenny’s Easter Bunny this year. Lenny loves Daniel Tiger, Sesame Street (specifically Elmo), and he’s getting into Mickey Mouse Club House. He loves to “say the magic words” even though they are nothing like the real words lol! Lenny’s top preference is Tigger and Pooh. There is a show that’s now off of cable called “My Friends Tigger and Pooh”. The main character is Darby instead of C-Robin and Len just cannot get enough of Darby, her dog Buster, or Pooh. It’s hard to find stuff with Pooh on it anymore, but I managed to get a few things for Easter that also serve a learning purpose.

Lenny loves playing at the park, coloring, puzzles, and is starting to learn his shapes. He could read every book in his library if we had time, he loves to turn the pages and looks to me to ask him to point things out. His favorite book of all time is “Every Little Thing” it has been his favorite book since he was very little. Len’s favorite song game is “The Itsy Bitsy Spider”. He is a great traveler- as long as his iPad is in tow (this is the only place he can still watch “My Friends Tigger and Pooh”), and is still a dream baby- in that we often take him on our date nights and he is super pleasant in restaurants.

Some of the toys that I didn’t get Lenny for Easter (he already has these) that he has been enjoying at this age (age 14-19 months) are below. These are staples that I see him go to everyday that he wants to play with. Each of these toys also serves a learning purpose. We have have been focusing on expanding Len’s vocabulary, and all of these toys have been instrumental in helping us coax new words out of him. Like most boys Lenny can be very stubborn, so having toys that he loves makes it easier to learn while we play. 🤗 #boymomlife

 Curious George Jack in the Box- Lenny anticipates the pop! He recognizes the pattern of the music and claps with excitement.

Wooden Activity Cube we have used this from 6 months on! A great investment and it’s wooden which I love.

Quack Along Ducks great for the “pull behind” milestone.

Farm Knob Puzzle Knobbed puzzles for the win! This is how we’re teaching Lenny his animal sounds.

Magnets Galore! We love these for animal names and sounds. Our refrigerator isn’t magnetic, so at first I was going to get Lenny a magnet board. It turn’s out our front door is metal, so these stick to our door. This is great due to the layout of our condo. I only let Lenny play with these while I’m doing something in the kitchen, so it is a treat that keeps him occupied while I am busy meal prepping. He is out of the way and safe, but I can see and hear him making all of his fav animal sounds.

Boy’s Baby Doll– Yes my son has a doll, let’s not even get started on that topic ☺. His name is Baby Connor, since we got our doll the day my nephew (Len’s cousin) Connor was born! This is so great for imaginary play. We love this doll. We feed him, put his bib on, cover him with a blanket for night night, kiss and hug, point out his face parts, burp, and “be gentle” with our doll. The first thing Len does in the morning is dig “Baby” out of his play bin.

iPad Case– This is easy for Len to hold in his carseat, but also stands up right if we need it at a restaurant etc. Also great for him to hold in his stroller or to rest on the foldable table on the airplane.

Now for what I can’t wait for Lenny to open and play with!

Knobbed Puzzles As I said before, these are good for chubby little fingers. These have helped us work on Lenny’s vocabulary so much, and it’s time to add some new content to keep expanding. I was even able to find a Pooh one! I love the brand Melissa and Doug since most of their toys are wooden and they are manufactured in the U.S.- this is incredibly rare yet very important to me. Anytime I can get something I need under this brand- I do.

Monkey Pop Up– I can’t wait for Lenny to open this. I saw this recommended on a blog I follow called Mommy OT. This little toy is great for narrative play. When the banana car drives past the monkeys they pop up in the air. Len loves to push cars on a track so I think this will be his fav on Easter morning. BONUS- it’s mostly wooden.

Farm Truck Ride and Pop– I have seen Lenny play with this toy in his play group, and I know that he loves it. The animals in the back of the truck have shapes on the bottom. It has a gratifying click when you put the animal in the correct shape. When everyone is in place you push down on the cow and the truck drives playing adorable farm folk music. It goes a few feet and then POP! The animals go flying out of the truck and Lenny laughs. It’s the best. I can’t wait for him to play with this at home.

Side Walk Chalk– Now that we live on a residential city street, I’m so excited for it to get warm and to chalk up the sidewalks with Len. When kids are playing with chalk at the park Len is very interested, so I thought this would be a fun little stuffer for his basket. These have plastic holders for the chalk, which I like because I personally hate the feel of chalk. I think they will be easier for Lenny to hold too.

Stainless Steel Water Bottle– I love the Zoli line and I like stainless steel cups even better. The thought of taking plastic outside to be heated in the sun and then for Len (or anyone for that matter) to drink out of it gives me the heeby jeebies. Love this design and I was buying this recently for a friend’s toddler and picked one up for Len’s basket.

Wind Up Toys– These are huge rewards/motivators for Lenny. He doesn’t quite have the dexterity to wind them up on his own so he has to ask me for help in order to receive the gratification of the wind up toy doing it’s trick, our favorite is flipping over. I won’t leave these out for Lenny to play with because they are pretty small, and I’m sure he could break a piece off (they are cheap cheap😂 🐥). These are great motivators and good to have on hand in your diaper bag for meltdown mitigation. 😳

New Books for Lenny– Because you can never have too many.

I got some really fun toddler decor to get Len excited for the Easter Bunny. Mostly from Target but a few others I will link here. He likes to pretend to feed the Bunny Window Clings his play carrots, and I think he will LOVE following the bunny tracks on Easter morning. I’m putting Uncle Drew in charge of Len’s Easter egg hunt, which I know he will get a kick out of. Len 💚 Uncle Drewby.

Yay! So that’s all I have. All of the links above are Amazon Prime links, meaning you still have plenty of time to get them for Easter for your little one. I’d love to hear some of the finds you’re most excited for your babies to open on Easter, or any of your must haves for Lenny’s age.

Happy Easter!!🐰


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